Trying to keep out of the ruts…

I set myself a goal this weekend of taking 100 pictures that I was happy with, that I liked. I failed miserably. I took 155 frames that cooked down into 47 pictures that I’d share. The whole gallery is on my flickr here, but there’s some samples below. I’ll likely try other little photographic challenges I set for myself & I’ll write more posts about them.

I’ve also resolved to write more, not just here on the blog, but wherever I can. Circumstances have left me with an abundance of time on my hands, and we all know the old adage about demonic possession of directionless digits. So expect to see a couple more blog posts from me this week & maybe a link to a new, writing oriented, project soon.


hundredpixone 1.jpghundredpixone 2.jpghundredpixone 3.jpghundredpixone 4.jpghundredpixone 5.jpg

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