Non-photo-related frustration

I spent the better part of the now-passed long weekend being immensely frustrated by my beloved iPhone & Macs, mostly in the consternations of dealing with iTunes. I know some of this will be alleviated with iCloud, but right now it appears I’m outta luck & likely so into the future. Continue reading »

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Rough Cuts

I finally got enough initiative and determination to cull and proof and edit my ~3000 RAW frames from my D700 in Africa. It’s still a pretty wide swath, and there’s a little bit of hunting gore for the squeamish, but take a look here.

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Trying to keep out of the ruts…

I set myself a goal this weekend of taking 100 pictures that I was happy with, that I liked. I failed miserably. I took 155 frames that cooked down into 47 pictures that I’d share. The whole gallery is on my flickr here, but there’s some samples below. I’ll likely try other little photographic challenges I set for myself & I’ll write more posts about them.

I’ve also resolved to write more, not just here on the blog, but wherever I can. Circumstances have left me with an abundance of time on my hands, and we all know the old adage about demonic possession of directionless digits. So expect to see a couple more blog posts from me this week & maybe a link to a new, writing oriented, project soon.


hundredpixone 1.jpghundredpixone 2.jpghundredpixone 3.jpghundredpixone 4.jpghundredpixone 5.jpg

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Infrared Africa books.

They’re finally done!

I’ve compiled my pictures from Africa, taken in infrared, into a pair of books. One is 8×10″ & 68 pages long, the other deluxe edition is 11×13″ and 120 pages. The smaller is available in both premium softcover for $50 & hardcover with dust jacket for $72. The deluxe edition is printed on pearl photo paper and has a coordinated linen cover & end sheets and is available for $200.

If you would rather buy direct from me, I have copies available. Also, prints are available of any images in any of the books, plus many more. Please enquire.

Next up: Print sales! And maybe finishing the rest of this site?



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obligatory first post

‘You should take a picture of that. Oh, look! Take a picture of that”. These were the words heard by Dion when I would accompany him on his photo walks after he got his first DSLR.  It wasn’t long after that I purchased my own DSLR and we began to journey through the city together.  At times we may end up taking pictures of the same thing but with a foot of height difference between us it’s always easy to determine whose perspective it is.  Taking photos is fun but nothing beats taking photos with your bestfriend.

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What seems like a million years ago I launched the original version of amokphoto, as a temporary placeholder to a grand vision of a site that never quite got off the ground. Almost three years later here we are with a relaunched version of complete with fancy HTML5 stuffs and lots of photos and even a store for prints and cards and books and such. It may be a bit threadbare, but I will be adding and fleshing things out just as quickly as my momentum takes me. Until there’s more there, please check out my flickr here.

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